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Hello! I am Abbraxa and I welcome you as a guest in my personal playroom. I live on a wonderful riverfront on the south shore of Montreal's island. My little river leads to a large lake where I enjoy boating, swimming sun tanning and sex on the beach. I'm 5'5" tall and my measurements are: 36"-26"-36", 120lbs

It was early in high school that I discovered that my appetite for sex was much larger than the average girl. I guess thats why so many of the boys would hang around with me :) Needless to say, I took advantage of the situation and had some fun! After I graduated from college at L'Ecole des beaux arts de Montreal, my appetite for sex seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

After working as a creative designer in a small movie house for some time, I quit and got myself a job at one of the numerous strip tease bars in the city. I soon realized that I had a natural skill at this new and exciting profession. Talented at dancing and teasing, it did not take long before I ended on the biggest strip tease stage in the city. After many years of dancing, I got bored, and started to look for something new and exciting, something to push me to the next level.

That is how I discovered the NET! I finally found a place where I can share my appetite for sex with all of the men in the world. Now I can have this great time with whomever I please, with no holds barred. And as you will discover, I will just do everything, if not anything to make you cum over and over, again and again.

We often talk about the woman behind the man, same difference for me! I must admit that there is a man behind me to make all this possible. Mr.D is an amateur cinematographer since the days of 8mm films. Movies, photography and women have always been his passions. Today, the week-end game turned to become a full time activity and I can assure you that he is not complaining.

Dance and artistic expression have always been a major part of my life. I would never have dreamed however that I would make it to the point I am at today. Believe me, these past years on the net I have not been sitting on my butt... I have put it to work!

You can certainly see this by going over my movie selection. And this will just keep on going and growing since I wont quit before I have broken all the records of amateur movie production... if it's not already done... so far, over 50 of the hottest titles on the market released in less than three years and distributed in more then 40 countries around the globe! My next goal is to double this number... and double the size of my gaping holes... LOL!

Many of you have questionned my dubbing myself an 'amateur' after making so many films. Well, the thing is that I'm still the master of the game behind all this, and I still work with the same friends, and do the same nasty things but just getting better at it. Is there something wrong in reaching for the top to offer the best that there is?

No professional models are hired here, I still bring you fresh faces and butts, exclusive amateurs with no experience and a lot of enthusiasm. Exactly what you want to see, real sex act mostly taped in real time to let you see real girls having real fun... that's what the amateur world is all about. I deliver it with quality and taste.

Members have access to thousands of my exclusive hard core pics, hundreds of breathtaking AVI action shots, and live hardcore shows presented on the CamZ system included for all of my members.

Prepare yourself for a ride. Abbraxa is not just a name, it is a sense of being. Abbraxa stands for sex, fetish, perversion, fantasy.

Come into my world and find what you are looking for.

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